I have become a slave.

I am a slave to systems, to cultural norms, to the expectations and biases of others.

A slave to the life I’ve create for myself because society told me in the first place it was what I needed.

A society that tells me to “achieve, achieve, achieve” and never stop.

That tells me I am a failure if I do not have money, friends, or a job.

A society that tells me technology is everything – and proceeds to consume me with its ferocious grip, stealing my time, money, and friendships away –

Into a vast vacuum where I begin to feel the need to present myself perfectly so more people will like me.


… Why is this the way things are?

Why do I feel pressure closing in on me from all sides?

Even now, I question myself: am I writing this poem to get your agreement or approval? Or am I writing it from the deep root of the thoughts bound to my caged hurting heart?

Sometimes I don’t know why I do what I do anymore.


And I do think it is because this is what our society has done to us.

They tell you as a child, “You can be anything you want to be” as you get a sparkle in your eye.

Then, as soon as they see the sparkle emerge and spark, they throw mud over your sparkle.

You try to wipe the mud away, but all that does is spread it around more and more.

And before you know it, your sparkle is gone, never to shine like it once did again.


As they tell you what to believe, how to think, and what to feel.

Quickly making you forget that your sparkle was anything more than a mud-smudged mess in years past.

And just like that, you become a slave.


You and me both, pal.



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