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Ten months.

It has been ten months since I have graduated college.

Ten months of joy, of broken hearts, of laughter, tears, hope, memories, smiles, and hugs. Of train rides, plane rides, phone calls, handwritten letters and texts, longing hearts for those missed and some extremely hard goodbyes. A broken and beautiful web of moments both expected and unexpected. And I can look back at these ten months with satisfaction, because despite how much it hurt in some moments, it has been a more beautiful chapter than I could have ever orchestrated on my own (thanks, Jesus).

These last ten months, I have traveled to Peru and fallen in love with the Spanish language. I unexpectedly had the door opened for me after that to work with a Spanish high school ministry/organization out of a local church, and that position changed my life. During that summer, my life was drastically changed when we learned that a family member hadn’t been telling us the full truth about something that was happening, and it felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me, though I had no choice but continue to push forward past the pain.  After my summer position with that organization ended, I then accepted an offer as a leadership staff at a coffee shop, which didn’t sit well with me and led to me to resign after a month and a half, leading to a period of unemployment, struggling with loneliness and wrestling to discover my purpose. During this time was also when I started renting an apartment with a new roommate, AND when I started serving as a volunteer with the ministry I had worked with over the summer.  After a brief period of unemployment that was hecka lonely, I received as a job as a nanny, and later as a barista at a different local coffee shop. And I now currently hold both of those positions still.  Though these positions aren’t my long term plan, they’re allowing me to pay the bills, and both have indeed blessed me (even if they’re not exactly what I saw myself doing immediately following my graduation with a Bachelor degree) in a variety of ways – mostly through the people I have encountered and grown closer to in this chapter.

Throughout this time, I’ve also been able to not only see one, not two, but THREE long distance friends.  I think that’s been the hardest part of graduation; all my closest friends now live out of state. Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado. But I’ve been blessed to see each except for one on at least one occasion, and for that I am extremely grateful.  I was asked to assist one my friends on the first official move to Texas, I had my friend from Michigan come stay with me, and just this past weekend I was able to surprise my Mississippi friend in her town – which was a huge blessing and tears were shed. I really miss my friend in Colorado, but I know we’ll see each other again one day (though neither of us knows when that will be).

I’ve made new and wonderful friends near where I live, despite sometimes struggling with loneliness. I’ve been asked to be in a wedding that I wasn’t sure I would be asked to be in. I get to co-lead our ministry I serve with on a trip to New York at the end of the month and I get to spend time with the students I adore so dearly.

Though bills have sometimes been hard to pay, I miss having a strong community around me, and though I haven’t always felt the greatest level of job satisfaction, I know that the Lord has me in this place for a reason, and He is blessing this chapter more than I could have imagined (I never thought that He could make such beauty out of broken pieces – He proves me wrong time and time again).  I am thankful for all He has given, though still learning how to come to terms with what has been taken away.

Whatever my lot, He has taught me to say that it is well with my soul.

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