what it’s all about

I don’t want this to be your normal, everyday blog.  I don’t want to use this for self-promotion, or to brag about how much I love my life, or even to evangelize (although I won’t be against that if something I write hits home with you as well).  This blog is to be a documentation of the new life I’ve just began living a little less than six months ago – jumping headfirst into the first Christian education establishment I’ve ever attended.  This blog is to record my experiences at this university – the good, the bad, the ugly, every one of them.  All the things I’ve learned and all struggles I’ve gone through.  All the blessings I’ve encountered and all the things that have torn my heart in two.  All the times I’ve experienced the glory of God and all the times I’ve felt like concrete walls separated me from Him.  Each experience I’ve had is a story and each one has shaped me in immeasurable ways since my arrival at this college.  This blog is my story, these experiences my daily life.


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